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February 14th 2008
Home Alone III – Day II – another note

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Papa’s todo listJust to show how pathetic I am… here’s a quick picture of the whiteboard that’s attached to our fridge. On it are some of the tasks that I need to do (feed and medicate the animals, etc), plus a little table where I can check off each of them each day… otherwise I’m really afraid I’ll lose track and forget something important.

And yes, it’s intentional that there isn’t a larger version of this picture and that the quality is so bad that you can’t really read the details… our pets deserve some privacy, too.

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February 14th 2008
Home Alone III – Day II recap

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I really can’t complain. Things are going well. H2 had a string of potty accidents today, but that just happens. The girls were very patient waiting for a delayed dinner. And we all had a great time during bathtime. The girls were trying to get me wet, I was trying to stay dry. I’d call it a draw.

They are in bed now, I still need to clean up downstairs, refill the cat (Oliver still get daily subcutaneous fluids) and do a few more minor chores. And then I can go back to working for a couple more hours. Joy oh joy.

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February 14th 2008
Home Alone III – Day II

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So far, so surprisingly good!

The night went very well, even with just one binky each. We’ll do the same tonight and then maybe no binky on Friday? I doubt that will go over equally easily…

We had a very early morning since I needed to be on a call at 7am. So I took the girls to preschool at 6:59am and dialed into my call from their parking lot. The things parents do.

The girls were just wonderful. They woke up giggling, both dry, went potty without complaints (lately they’ve been a bit whiny when asked to get out of bed in the morning), brushed teeth, washed their own faces… then came the tough decision of what to wear. I made a few suggestions but in the end the girls picked things themselves. See below, I think they look lovely.

H2 and S2, doing the bowl danceH2 and S2, surprised that there would be breakfast at school and not at home

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February 13th 2008
Home Alone III – Day I

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This is the third time that K2 is leaving us. The first time was for a quick weekend (I know I must have blogged about it, but I can’t find it). The second time was for five days. And this time it’s five days, again. Just like last time K2 did an amazing amount of prep work to make sure we don’t starve, we have clean clothes, the pets get their medication, and everything is staying on track.

K2 said bye-bye to the girls in the morning. We had already told them yesterday that she was going to visit “the fish and the otter” (the most remarkable thing about Seattle for the girls was the visit to the aquarium – K2 is going to Tacoma, so that seemed close enough). So the girls took it very well.

When I picked them up from preschool, they immediately asked for Mama, but when I reminded them that Mama was visiting the fish and the otter they were ok with that. They asked a few more times throughout the evening, but no major problems.

We had a fun evening, including two potty successes for each (even a #2 for S2) and an easy bed time. And since I like my life difficult I have started to finally get them off of their pacifiers at night. So tonight we discussed the need for “binkies” again and finally agreed that they could have “one binky” (instead of the usual three – one in the mouth and one in each hand). So far they appear to be sleeping well – I’ll post an update tomorrow…

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