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February 15th 2009
Home Alone V – Day 5

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The most important news (at least according to the girls) first: K2 is back home!

As a summary of the five days I think I have to say “the girls were perfect and thanks to K2’s preparation it was easier than ever”. I’m still proud of myself – and more than ever in awe of all of you SAHMs (and SAHDs – Hi Brian) out there. Not to mention the single moms. You have my deepest respect. Seriously.

5 braids totalSo what can I tell you about today. As usual, the day started long before the sun came up. 5:30am both of them showed up in my bedroom and asked me if it was morning, yet. The answer of course was “no”, but that didn’t really help. I kept them “semi-quiet” in bed till six and then we went downstairs. The usual morning routine (potty, milk, games with Papa) and when the requests for TV became too insistent I went upstairs with them instead to get them dressed.

While they brush their teeth I tend to brush their hair and ask them for their requests. S2 wanted a “Mama braid” (that’s a ponytail that is then braided), and H2 firmly asked for “vier braids”. I think I did a good job with those requests.

After I showered we went back downstairs and the girls helped me make my latte. As every morning, they asked if they could make a latte for Mama, too, and were very sad that Mama wasn’t there to have a latte with us.

After breakfast – once again the girls wanted cooked oatmeal which I happily provided (the real thing, not some instant powder) – we talked with Oma and Opa. Right before calling them on the computer (we use Skype video conferencing for that) I wanted to send the girls upstairs to put away all the stuffed animals that they had dragged downstairs. S2 responded “but I need to skype Oma!” – you go girl, you know your telecommunications technologies when you see them…

After that we went to a play date with another German-American family in the neighborhood. The girls had lots of fun with Charlie and his family. Afterwards I asked what they wanted for lunch and H2 quite clearly said “Quesadillas. I want to eat quesadillas.” Ok, sweetie – you are the one who tends to be behind in language development – when you aren’t impressing me with surprising vocabulary or sentence construction, I guess.

H2So we went to Baja Fresh. The girls were hungry and each ate a complete children’s plate with quesedillas, rice, apple sauce and a box of milk. Wow. I told them we’d have nap time afterwards. They protested loudly. When I strapped them in their car seats, S2 pretended to be asleep. And promptly fell asleep (which I didn’t realize). So when we arrived at home and I got her out of her seat it took a while until I realized that she was, in fact, sleeping. I managed to get her upstairs and into her bed without waking her up – I couldn’t believe my luck.

S2H2 didn’t want to nap, of course, but I told her it was quiet time and didn’t engage her and instead asked her to play quietly. After a while she got bored and wanted to wake her sister. My response was that she instead could lay down with her and sleep as well. To my surprise that’s exactly what she did. Without waking her up. At that point I really couldn’t believe my luck.

An hour later S2 woke up first and a few minutes later K2 arrived home. Chaos and lots and lots of happiness ensued.

Right now the three of them are upstairs doing bedtime. I can hear the giggling downstairs. I think we all are thrilled to have Mama back home.

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February 14th 2009
Home Alone V – Day 4: Valentine’s Day

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Since the school Valentine’s Day party was yesterday, S2 and H2 were a little surprised this morning when I told them that Valentine’s Day was actually today. They helped me open the cards from K2 (and from them) and were excited about the Valentine’s candy they got after breakfast.

S2 and H2 walking with their umbrellasAfter a leisurely morning, the girls and I went for a walk. As we are getting ready H2 suddenly shouted “Papa, it’s snowing outside!”. Ok, so let’s get umbrellas, gloves and warm hats, I guess. While it wasn’t enough snow to actually accumulate (you can barely make out a couple of snow flakes in the picture on the right), it once again was snow – the girls loved it.

Having them carry their own umbrellas is a great way of slowing things down – and going to Starbucks is a great way of keeping things focused. We had a fun walk, met some friends, and of course talked to yet more people wondering if they were twins (and calling me the “responsible adult” instead of the father… oh well).

Next we are going to a Valentine’s Day party. And if I remember correctly, this is the first ever “drop off party” that I am taking them to. So I get to drop them off without staying there for the party. Oh my, are they that big already? Or are Elenor’s parents just braver than us, assuming they can handle all these four year olds? We’ll find out.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. BTW: Today is not only Valentine’s Day. It’s also Oregon’s Sesquicentennial and it marks the seventh anniversary of my arrival in Oregon! If you had told me seven years ago that I’d be married with four year old twins seven years later, I think I would have called your sanity into question…

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February 13th 2009
Home Alone V-Day 3: surprising eloquence

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I took the girls shopping today. First to the bank, then to Target. Two stops. No fewer than five times that I was asked “are they twins?”. I guess it’s hard for people. They are dressed differently, they have a different hair-do. They certainly behave differently and want to be different.

ice pack choicesCase in point? We were buying ice packs (as their old Hello Kitty ice packs had to be discard since they burst, likely due to over-use). There were no replacement Hello Kitty ice packs so I had them pick something else. H2 went with a princess theme. S2? Spiderman.

Once again when we came home they were very disappointed that Mama wasn’t there. I told them that Mama was still at her conference. And got the usual “Again?” in response. We did talk quite a bit in the car and at home – H2 always struggling to get out words and me always fighting to stop S2 from just talking over her. H2 is clearly quite a bit behind both S2 and the expectation for her age group when it comes to speech. Likely still a result of her hearing problems last year. So we try to make sure that she actually gets to talk and complete her thoughts.

After we came home, K2 called and the girls wanted to talk to her. First S2 then H2. After a few minutes of her usual somewhat interrupted and stuttering progress, H2 suddenly said this:

I miss you Mama because I’m here and Papa is here and S2 is here and you are not. You can come home tomorrow. I love you Mama. Bye.

Well articulated, seriously just as I wrote it here, without hesitation. I was flattened. By the content, of course, but almost more so by her speech. Amazing.

I wish it didn’t take her missing her Mama so much for this to come out – but I’m still thrilled.

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February 13th 2009
Home Alone V – Day 3

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S2 and H2 dressed upThe girls like playing dress-up. A lot. But sometimes they puzzle me.

This morning, for example, they picked some of my old swag shirts. S2 loved the penguin – H2 apparently thought that she needed a Microsoft shirt to balance the look.

So they were running around like this all morning and we actually had a small argument about the fact that they really did have to take them off before we went to school.

Things continue to go well. The girls sleep (one brief interruption again), they get up at their usual time (5:40am for H2, 6:05 for S2), they play, they most of the time do what I ask them to do (unless it involves horrible torture like – gasp – putting on socks… see picture on the right).

They do miss their Mama a lot and keep asking for her. And I think that will become even harder over the weekend. But hey, Sunday evening K2 will be back and the girls will be thrilled to see her and promptly forget she was ever gone.

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