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2010 Feb 20

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February 10th 2010
Home Alone VI – Day 2

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Look at the shoes!So far, so great. The girls have been awesome. Want to know how awesome? Look at the picture on the right.

H2 tied her shoes all by herself this morning. That’s a first.

And true to form, S2 was sullen and frustrated that she couldn’t do it. H2 tends to be sweet and hopeful if S2 is ahead on a skill. And just tries to catch up. S2 cannot stand it if her sister is ahead – and is much more likely to give up in frustration. It’s amazing to watch these two totally different girls grow up in parallel.

I went running after I dropped them off at school – and paid the price for being a single dad this week. While it was cool, foggy and dry in the early morning, just as I dropped them off the rain started – and got stronger and stronger. I was soaked by the time I got back from my 6 mile run…

I picked the girls up from school in the afternoon, we came home, changed for swimming, dropped of a package at UPS (a hard disk I had ordered from Amazon was dead on arrival and I sent it back – amazingly Amazon is shipping a replacement drive to me overnight; it will be here tomorrow) and went to their swimming class. The girls did great – both do a very solid backstroke, S2 can do a full length of the pool in freestyle with no help from the teacher – H2 still needs some minor help when rolling to the side to breathe.

We got home, the girls took a shower and then we had dinner. To quote S2: “My mama makes very good soup”.

The funny thing was that it took the girls forever to come downstairs for dinner after we dried their hair after the shower. The pictures below might give you an idea what took them so long. It takes a while to look this cute.

hairclips, anyone?H2 in profile

We played a little more after dinner; the girls wanted me to take more pictures while they were dancing and making letters with their bodies. Then we had a nice and easy bed time.

S2 is showing offmaking the letter A

So far, so great.

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February 9th 2010
Home Alone VI – Day 1

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It’s hard to believe but it has been a year since the last time I was truly alone with the girls – you can see my previous adventures as single parent of twins under the various home alone tags in the list of tags on the left – or by clicking on the different blue words in the previous sentence…

So it’s once again Madrona Fiber Arts week and K2 has taken a few days off without the family. My guess is she’ll try to catch up on the about 800 hours of sleep that she has missed in the past 12 months… Good luck with that.

But just so no one things that the poor children are at risk of starving or missing any of their various social engagements… fear not. K2 has written a two page detailed list with instructions, including truly helpful “tips for success” (like when getting ready for Tae-Kwon-Do: hide the belts when they put on their uniforms or you’ll have a fight on your hands trying to get the belts on right). Absolutely awesome – and I’ll admit that I would have forgotten crucial things like “bring the water bottles into the gym so the girls can drink right after class” if it hadn’t been on the list.

I had planned to include the list here so you can see just how well this all has been planned for me – but decided against this as this does contain more details than I’m comfortable posting here.

Oh, and did I mention that of course I have pre-cooked meals for most of the days – and plans for literally every meal and snack? And all the laundry has been done. Plus several friends have offered to take the girls for a few hours (or a day, for that matter) if this gets too much for me.

I’m not going to ponder too much what this might imply about their opinion of my ability to pull my weight here… I’ll just file this under “wow, these people are nice and helpful” instead…

the lions are planning their next moveBut how could a week alone with these girls be anything than an absolute blast? I mean, seriously.

And I should point out – the picture of H2 completely cracking up? That was taken by S2. H2 had a similar one of her, but that was completely out of focus… Which was a shame.

H2 cracks up (taken by S2)just too much funI give upS2 is thinking about itPapa is too sillyAll in all I can say that we had a wonderful first day together. The girls ate like horses at dinner time and were out cold within minutes when I put them to bed.

Curious how the night will be – the first night with one parent has been problematic in the past…

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