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April 16th 2010
Home Alone VII – Day 2

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It started early. Way too early. H2 woke up (and wanted to snuggle) at 5:15am. S2 at 5:30.

We stayed in bed till 6 and then there was no keeping them. So they got dressed and we went downstairs for breakfast. We played for a while, brushed teeth, got ready for the day. I dropped them off at school at their normal time and went running.

After school we had a special treat. Their very best friend Helen and her mom had asked us to join them and go to the candy store in the Village to enjoy some ice cream. The girls were giddy with excitement and were jumping and hopping and talking non-stop. To watch the three of them take off (and barely be able to keep them from running into streets) was pretty amazing. H2 and S2 usually are pretty good when it comes to being save in traffic. But with the distraction of a (slightly younger) friend? It was insane.

We had to keep this play date short (and sweet) and headed back to the house to change for Tae-Kwon-Do. The girls did very well in class today and once again were praised for the focus and effort. Excellent.

And from there we raced home, changed back into regular clothes and headed to the community center where the girls are enjoying PNO (“parents night out”). I will use part of the time on my own to take a Tae-Kwon-Do class myself…

So far we had a great day – and my guess is that when I pick them up this evening they’ll be dead tired and fall into bed.

We’ll see.

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April 15th 2010
Home Alone VII – Day 1 (after bed time edition)

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So I picked the girls up at school. They were very happy to see me. And asked about whether my plane was late (since K2 had told them that if the plane was late Melissa would pick them up from school). I told them that we had been on time and that I was very excited to see them.

We walked home and stopped at the swings around the corner. The weather was gorgeous so they played for quite a while. A neighbor came by with her dog. S2 immediately came over and asked “What’s your dog’s name?”. She was told that it was Penny. Which fascinated the girls. After all they love Penny and Bolt. The idea that Penny could also be the name of a dog was quite surprising to them.

It took some persuasion (and the onset of hunger) to get them to finally go home with me. We had dinner. Remarkably, S2 tried to speak German the whole time. Asking for more food in German, even trying to talk about school in German. H2 wanted to be an acrobat. I convinced her that it was too late to change into different clothing, but that maybe she could wear acrobat pajamas. And of course S2 immediately wanted to do the same.

upside down acrobatsSo we went upstairs and they changed into pajamas and then came back downstairs and did some “tricks”.

Enjoy them upside down, back to back, tumbling backwards, stretching, tumbling over each other and leaping across each other.

back to back acrobats

tumbling backwards acrobatsstretching acrobats

tumbling over acrobatsleaping across acrobats

Needless to say, they had fun. Bed time was a little later than planned, but everyone is happy.

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April 15th 2010
Home Alone VII – Day 1

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I’m back from my double-business trip. First San Francisco, then Seattle.

And K2 is gone – for six days. And to make things even more interesting, she left before I returned. I was a little nervous and had a couple of back-up plans. K2, I think, was rather fretting this. But it all worked out very well. She left in the morning and drove to her conference just north of Seattle – I left Seattle at 2pm and flew back home. Arriving well in time to pick up the girls from school. None of the back-up plans were needed.

The weather is beautiful today – the forecast is mostly for rain, but I’m sure the girls and I will come up with lots of things we can do. As usual K2 left us well prepared with lots of food and all kinds of things already pre-arranged. From Papa’s night out (girls will watch a movie and eat dinner at the community center) to play dates and activity ideas. There’s a reason why I love her…

As the title indicates – this is the seventh time that I’m home alone with the girls. At six days, it will be the longest time without Mama, yet.

I’ll keep you posted.

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