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February 18th 2012
Home Alone 8 – for real this time

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happy to go to auntie DIt’s very strange, but I am, indeed, home alone. The girls are spending all afternoon and the night with auntie D (to the right you see them just before they left – barely able to contain their happiness). And their cousin N got a text message earlier today inviting him for a sleepover with friends as well. So after he and I went to see another ice hockey game (this time an 11-2 blow-out win against Seattle), I dropped him off at his friends home and returned to an empty house (well, except for the pets, of course). Unexpected.

I feel a bit lonely and miss K2 – it’s much more obvious with no one around, I guess. But I’m not complaining; some peace and quiet is nice every once in a while. And she is having a ton of fun at her conference, it seems.

My exciting plan right now is to go to bed early, get up early and go for a long run before picking the girls up tomorrow.

Boy do I know how to party.

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February 17th 2012
Home Alone 8 (half way done already)

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As expected, this is turning out to be quite a bit easier this year.

The morning was uneventful (I’ll spare you the little hickups with N – he’s a 14 year old boy… really wonderful, but still, 14). I picked the girls up after school and took them to piano lessons. While one was working with their teacher, the other one was reading for me. What perfect little angels.

We came home and talked to N. He’s taking a class called “Global Issues” that is pretty much a history and political science class. This week he had to create a propaganda poster for a constitutional amendment (he had the 19th amendment… quick, which one is that?) and today he had to present the poster in front of the class and hold a little speech explaining the amendment and the reasons why it should be adopted. And our young man came home with an A and very encouraging written remarks from the teacher. Impressive. Very impressive.

Soon after we went out to dinner. I had intended to cook, but all three of them asked to go to Raccoon Lodge (is that commentary on my cooking skills?) and I obliged. Since it’s Friday evening we went early. We had a fun dinner (no wait when we came in, but packed with people in line when we left), and came back home quite early. I used the time and practiced their TKD form with the girls and then we looked at old pictures on the computer. Nothing fancy, I just opened Lightroom, started in August 2005 and browsed through them; from Family Day onward. The girls were thrilled. Completely charmed.

After 20 minutes of that it was time for them to go to bed (ok, that was a little more challenging than the rest of the day as they were starting to lose their composure – but still, not really hard).

This is turning out to be fun so far.

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February 16th 2012
Home Alone 8

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I think this is the eighth time that I am alone with the girls, but I may have missed one. And in may ways it’s a first, anyway, as this time I have a 14 year old boy added to the mix. And a sick dog. But overall I don’t think this is nearly as challenging as it was in years past. Things are pretty easy with the girls. It is, however, my more than just annual reminder of just how much work moms (and stay-at-home dads) do which most of the year is easy to forget (or at least to under estimate). It’s quite impressive.

As (unfortunately) is expected, today (day 2) we had a complete meltdown. The good news is that one of the three kids wasn’t sobbing hysterically. The bad news is that the other two were. It took them more than half an hour (and a yummy dinner – pre-cooked by K2) until they managed to snap out of it. Maybe by the time they are 14 that part will be easier as well. On the flip side, not much else will be easier when they are 14 (but that’s just my guess).

Anyway, everything is going well here.

In other news, Oma is back home from the hospital. She seems to be recovering ok from her nose surgery (but she didn’t get Heidi Klum’s nose – that was an oversight on her part). I’ll be traveling to Germany next week and will have a chance to see her and report more (and if she lets me, I’ll post pictures).

And in yet other news, Valerie also appears to be recovering well. She’s still taking quite a few pills every day, but so far, so good.

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