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July 24th 2011
Quote for the day

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S2: Mama, is it ok if we wash the porcupine? Can we put it in the bucket?

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May 21st 2011
Do you understand recursion and self application?

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This morning, K2 asked the girls “are you curious about something?”, and S2 answered “what’s curious?”.

If you don’t find this funny, sorry for wasting your time. If you are still laughing, just like me, I thought I should share…

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May 15th 2011
Six year old wisdom

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The mother of a good friend of the girls is about to give birth to her second child. The girls are of course curious about all this and have been playing that their stuffed animals are pregnant and giving birth, too (there was the episode where H2’s panda was going to lay an egg – but that’s another post).

This morning I witnessed this dialogue (‘she’ is SoftPuppy, ‘it’ is the soon to be born baby of SoftPuppy):

S2: She’s going to have a baby!
H2: When is it going to be born? On Easter?
S2: No!
H2: Maybe on Christmas?
S2: No!
H2: So when is it born?
S2: On its birthday, silly!


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February 3rd 2011
Happy New Year

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Today the year of the Rabbit begins. We celebrated by burning the kitchen god and then going to our favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner. Yum.

At home I did bed time. While the girls were in the bathroom I sat down on the carpet in the hallway. S2 saw me and got worried: “Papa, is something wrong with you?” I told her “No!” to which she said “Oh, you are just eine alte Mann” (old man)?

Yeah sweetie, I guess that sums it up…

Happy New Year, everyone.

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