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January 21st 2011
Spoken like an expert

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Today, after the girls’ first Tae Kwon Do sparring class, we went to our favorite German restaurant. Of course the girls showed off their German. K2 did as well, but got criticized for her ‘r’. And S2, always helpful, said to K2 after another unsatisfying attempt to sound a correct ‘rrrrrrr’ sound: “That’s ok Mama, we can still understand you”.

I love my girls.

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January 16th 2011
I know I have to get video of this…

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The latest habits of our “little angels”… when they hear disappointing news (like “how long is it till our birthday?” – “about 290 sleeps”) the responses are now a little more personalized. H2 will say “DARN it!”, while S2 is more into saying “Ohh MAAAAN!”.

Yeah, I really need this on video as in text it’s far less impressive.

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December 29th 2010
You’ll go far

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Here is what S2 said to Bill before we left tonight (Bill had invited us over for dinner):

S2: Thank you Bill for inviting us to your house
and making us good dinner.

And no, that was neither pre-practiced nor prompted (besides telling her to give Bill a hug and say thanks). This is just what she came up with when asked to thank him.

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December 20th 2010
Ah, that’s why

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The girls were getting ready for Tae Kwon Do class. H2 did her own belt, S2 asked me to do it for her, the way grown ups do it (there are two different ways to tie your belt, an easier way for kids and the “real” way for adults).

H2: I did my own belt, just like a grown up.
S2: I don’t know yet how to do my belt like a grown up.
H2: That’s because you aren’t starting to have a loose tooth, yet.

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