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June 9th 2011
Green belt testing

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Yesterday, K2 had her orange belt test. Today it was time for the girls and me to show our skills.

meditationFirst the masters told us to sit down in the tae-kwon-do sit and to close our eyes and meditate. The goal is to get especially the little kids to calm down and focus. But seeing H2 and S2 sit there with their backs straight and the intent faces… it’s pretty cool. And they sat just as straight 90 minutes later at the end of the test. As K2 documented with pictures – they did a better job sitting up straight than their Papa.

After a very thorough warm-up session we had to demonstrate our skills. Punching. Kicking. New this time were the combinations, so sequences of multiple kicks, ending with a rather challenging combination of a round house kick followed by a double roundhouse kick. The girls were just awesome. Really sharp and fast.

After that we did our one step sparring and self defense. While I would rather have posted a video of the girls, they ended up being too far away from K2 when it was their turn. So you’ll have to make do with a little video of me.

After that came the form. Again, the girls were awesome. And again, the video of them doing the form unfortunately isn’t really showing much of them. But after the belt test was over, Master Hong talked to us and pointed out just how incredibly good the girls had been at their form. We were very proud.

The last part of the belt testing was board breaking. K2 and I held the boards for S2 and H2 to break. The technique this time was an elbow strike. Not easy at all and both of them did it on the first attempt.

just about to strike the board with my elbowI was in the next group, and as usual by now one of the Masters held the board for me, this time Master Hong. We practiced a couple of times and then it was show time. I did exactly as I had been taught. Nice pivot on the foot, swing your whole body, and hit the board with the side of the elbow.

What came next was like a horror movie. I hit the board very hard. Master Hong did not manage to hold on to one of the two pieces and I saw it flying away, spiraling and flipping over in the air. It felt like slow motion. I realized that it was flying straight towards one of the moms standing at the back wall (K2 was just a few feet away). And at first it looked to me as if it would hit that one woman. I was horrified.

Thankfully it missed her by a few inches and hit the wall where it left a ding. But for a moment there I thought that I might be causing serious injury to her.


The picture was taken right before I hit that board. I wish K2 had taken a video – but I’m thrilled that she took pictures at all.

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