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December 13th 2014

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It had to happen. At some point we’d no longer have both of them do everything together. Because of a schedule conflict with H2’s tutoring, only S2 is doing basketball. And today was their first set of three games. The team played well, won one and lost two, but everyone seemed very excited and happy. Which is what matters the most.

S2 in action
S2 in action

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November 30th 2014
Picking our holiday tree

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This may be the earliest ever that we got our tree – it’s not even December, yet. But a gorgeous (OK, cold) sunny day? How could we miss that opportunity.

S2, K2, and H2 with our tree

We’ve been at this same tree farm a few times before, actually this is where we got the first tree for the girls. Only this time the girls were big enough to not only help carry the tree to the car but actually help cut the tree. Time flies, I guess.

K2, S2, D2

Thanks to H2 I have one of those rare pictures with me in it…

PS: part of the reason to post this is that my sister thought that we didn’t have a “real” tree… so there…

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September 7th 2014
On the beach

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If you don’t live in Portland it may be hard to explain why people go to the beach when it’s 68°F (20°C) with not a lot of sunshine and wate temperatures way below even remotely pleasant… But at least to some people here that appears to make sense. So we took Ben to the beach…

The kids had fun, and so did K2 and I.

about to have funoff to have funCovering the cousinplaying in the sand

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September 7th 2014
First week of school

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4th grade is here. And I’m a bit late posting the “First day of school” picture. But things have been busy around here…

The girls seem very happy with school – what a huge contrast to the beginning of school last year.

H2 and S2 before driving to school

Oh, those cute ponchos? K2 made those…

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