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April 13th 2008
Protected: Remember, you’re a girl!

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March 27th 2008
This and that

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I was traveling for a couple of days (attending a conference in San Francisco – I took a 6am flight on Tuesday and returned yesterday evening, minimizing the time away from my family). When I got home (about an hour after their normal bedtime) S2 was still awake. So K2 asked me to come upstairs and give S2 a “good-night kiss”. No problem, I went upstairs and did as asked. S2 was very happy, but after a few moments she said “Papa, H2 Kuss, too!” – so I went over to her bed (she was sound asleep) and pretended to kiss her and wish her good night (without waking her up)…

Then this morning when the girls went potty (oh, forgot to mention, a few days ago, the girls decided that they were done with the little potties, they’ve been going on the big potty since) S2 looked outside and said “Papa, schau, Schneeman!” (look, snowman). Thankfully she was somewhat exaggerating – there isn’t enough snow out there to build a snowman. But still. It’s snowing. A little. It’s supposed to be spring!!!

I’m throwing in a picture of H2 that I took Monday morning, just because she looks so cute in it… Oh, and the snow picture – it was actually pitch dark outside when I took this – you’re looking at 1/10s exposure at ISO6400… I love my new camera.

H2Snow in spring

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March 21st 2008
Just got back

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I got back from Boston around 1am last night. I was gone for three days and as is so often the case, I missed the good stuff. H2 and S2 figured out where babies come from

What else can I tell you? Oh, we are more or less out of diapers. The girls haven’t worn one in days, not even at night. And no accidents to report. Yeah!

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February 22nd 2008
I have a big nose

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Lately I’ve been hearing this a lot. One of our ways to show each other our love is to “do a beep“. That means to touch the tips of your noses together – and say “beep”.

For a few weeks now, almost every time we do this, H2 or S2 will say “Papa has big nose”. Thanks, kiddos. I know.

In other news, the girls have been sleeping without a pacifier for a week now. They still seem to sleep a little less deeply (and S2 has an amazing tendency to move around and end up in odd places – without ever waking up), but they don’t really complain about the lack of their formerly favorite objects anymore. Good.

Potty training is also going well. Both wake up dry nearly 100% of the time (I think I have seen one wet overnight diaper in the last three weeks). Both are doing #2 in the potty (S2 much more consistently than H2), both are fairly good staying dry and in the same clothes all day (again, with H2 a little more likely to forget and pee in her pants – or on her brand new shoes that she had been wearing for a total of about 20 minutes at that time).

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