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February 13th 2008
Home Alone III – Day I

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This is the third time that K2 is leaving us. The first time was for a quick weekend (I know I must have blogged about it, but I can’t find it). The second time was for five days. And this time it’s five days, again. Just like last time K2 did an amazing amount of prep work to make sure we don’t starve, we have clean clothes, the pets get their medication, and everything is staying on track.

K2 said bye-bye to the girls in the morning. We had already told them yesterday that she was going to visit “the fish and the otter” (the most remarkable thing about Seattle for the girls was the visit to the aquarium – K2 is going to Tacoma, so that seemed close enough). So the girls took it very well.

When I picked them up from preschool, they immediately asked for Mama, but when I reminded them that Mama was visiting the fish and the otter they were ok with that. They asked a few more times throughout the evening, but no major problems.

We had a fun evening, including two potty successes for each (even a #2 for S2) and an easy bed time. And since I like my life difficult I have started to finally get them off of their pacifiers at night. So tonight we discussed the need for “binkies” again and finally agreed that they could have “one binky” (instead of the usual three – one in the mouth and one in each hand). So far they appear to be sleeping well – I’ll post an update tomorrow…

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February 7th 2008
Some words you don’t want to hear

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There’s this joke about the words you don’t want to hear from a sysadmin. Like “oh-oh”. Or “oops”. Or “I’m sure I have a backup somewhere…”.

Today we heard some words from the staff at pre-school that I’ll add right to that list. “H2 squatted down in a corner and peed on a bunch of toys.”

Nope, really didn’t want to hear those.

But we did.


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February 5th 2008
Small steps

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Potty training clearly is not a favorite topic when I’m bragging about the girls. There are many things in which they are amazing and maybe even ahead of their peers – not potty training. But alas, we’re finally getting there. Sort of.

S2 is more or less perfect when it comes to number 1 – I can’t remember a wet diaper, remarkably even after nap and in the morning. And she’s getting really good at listening to her body. She’ll tell us when she needs to go, and rarely “last minute” – usually there’s plenty of time to find a potty and get ready. And while I was gone, she also started succeeding with number 2 (may I say finally!!!?). Not as reliable, yet, but as I said, it’s small steps.

H2 is getting much better as well. Still the occasional accident, more need to remind her, and no success with number 2, yet, but what a change from a month ago. Most importantly she once again is actively trying. She clearly wants to succeed!

What else is new? Let’s see. H2 stayed home yesterday – she has one of those odd “fever but no other symptoms” viruses. K2 actually went to the doctor with her (but not because of the fever but because of an annoying diaper rash that just isn’t going away – and turned out to be dermatitis). The doctor gave the all clear on the fever, so it’s back to school today… And interestingly enough, S2 appeared very envious of H2 when she realized that H2 spent the day with Mama and Papa while she was at school. So we had a somewhat whiny evening – but nothing too terrible.

It’s good to be home and it’s good to see progress. And even better, I won’t travel for a few weeks, so I’ll be able to participate in the progress again for a change!

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January 25th 2008
Oops, that was a longer break than I planned

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I’ve been back home since Wednesday – but somehow I never got around to post an update! So what has happened…

  • Even though I have warm feelings about the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas (after all, K2 and I got married there!), a sales and marketing conference at that hotel isn’t really the best way to spend time. Let’s just say I am happy I am back at home!
  • I was, however, impressed that the Venetian with its three towers (the Venetian, the Venice, the Palazzo) is now the largest hotel in the world with more than 7000 suites. Everything is at a breath taking scale.
  • The girls were thrilled to have me back – no one can express joy like a pre-schooler. It just floors you to feel the excitement and the love. Wow.
  • Potty training continues to go well – the only reason S2 still wears pull-ups is that she refuses to consider bowel movement as part of potty training… the potty is only for pee-pee. And H2 is nearly at the same point – she sometimes still forgets to go in time, but most of the time she’s dry now. Unfortunately she’s following her sister’s role-modeling when it comes to number two (or “Groß” as we would say in German). This, too, shall pass. Literally.
  • Finally, the girls have a new favorite game. Dressing up as princesses. I may be biased (really?), but I think they look pretty darn cute in their dresses…

Princesses H2 and S2 sitting on the stairs, contemplatingPrincesses H2 and S2 on their podestalsPrincesses H2 and S2, ready to dance

And yes, for those who paid close attention to the pictures, they do in fact have three dresses. This way even after one sister has picked one, the other one still has a choice (and isn’t stuck with only the dress that her sister had rejected – big difference). And extra credit for those who realized that these pictures were taken on three different days (in that order Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week).

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