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August 7th 2008
Progress Report (4)

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Things keep moving along. Siding is up. Stairs are there. The sheet rock has been taped and mudded and it’s looking better and better!

And yes, for the readers who aren’t familiar with US-style construction, of course this all will be painted so that it’s a consistent color – what you see is the old siding versus the new siding. View from the backyardView from the back door of the houseAnd I apologize for the someone skewed perspective in the second picture – I don’t have a short enough wide angle lens (or, I can’t get far enough away from the garage in that direction – the house is in the way); so yes, this picture is stitched from two pictures that I took. A dollar for the person who can show me the merge line (or answer a simple question like “is this two pictures stacked on top of each other or next to each other?”) – in other words: I’m really proud of the quality of the stitching I did here…

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August 2nd 2008
Progress Report (3)

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OWBIt’s been a while since I posted about my OWB (office with benefits). And quite a bit has happened since the last update. I know that I had taken pictures every once in a while – but somehow I guess I never got around to post them.

Anyway. All the exterior framing was done and the roof was up by the end of June. During July we got the internal framing done, plumbing, electrical, etc. Last week we got windows, doors and on Friday the sheet-rocking started.

It’s amazing how real it looks by now. Seven weeks and it looks like it’s mostly done. But of course now starts the slower part of the work. It will take about a week to get done with the sheet rock and to have it primed and painted. Then the cabinets and built-ins need to be installed. The tile, the bathroom fixtures, the carpet… the list goes on.

Still, we are slightly ahead of schedule and there’s a chance that we’ll get done by the end of September – which would be simply amazing.

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June 23rd 2008
Progress Report (2)

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Garage 6-23-08Compare to the pictures of the first installment, I think the direction (and progress) becomes clear. You can identify the entrance if you look closely – and the South-facing windows, overlooking the yard.

I assume that the stairs leading up to the second floor will be added, soon.

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June 20th 2008
Progress report

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For those curious about the remodel (I got a few requests, but not as many as I thought I might – you guys are so easy…): here are a couple of pictures. We started with an unremarkable free standing two car garage.

Then we took out the complete interior and took off larger chunks of the roof. And now we’re adding new pieces in that will turn this into a garage with a studio on top. It’s simple!

From the outsideFrom the inside

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