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March 13th 2010
Sleep update

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The girls really like their separate bedrooms by now. K2 last week got them cool night lights which especially H2 really appreciates. This way she feels less alone.

Last night the girls slept well, both past 6am. And even better, after they got up the snuggled with us and played on their own for a short while. So I didn’t have to get up until after 6:45. Slow progress, but progress. And that makes me happy.

It’s fun to see how independent they are getting. Getting dressed on their own, brushing teeth, combing their hair, reading books, drawing pictures. They really can entertain themselves for quite a while by now.

Eventually we’ll get to the point when they wake up and play on their own for a while. And maybe K2 and I can sleep in a little longer at that point…

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February 21st 2010
I am so sore

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I wonder why… the Tae-Kwon-Do class? The running? Flying kites and carrying H2 back from the park? Moving furniture? Dancing?

I think I’ll go back to bed.

But before I do I need to report on S2’s first night in her new room. She slept till 6:40 and stayed in her room till 7!

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February 13th 2010
Home Alone VI – Day 5
(early morning edition)

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H2 slept till 6:20am. I am so proud of her. S2 slept till 5:35am. And that after going to bed two hours later than normal. My guess is that this will be an “interesting” day…

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February 11th 2010
Home Alone VI – Day 3
(early morning edition)

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Let me modify yesterday evening’s post. “So far, so YAWN!

S2 woke up at 5:11am. She closed the door to her room, but that woke me up, of course.

14 minutes later, H2 showed up on K2’s side of the bed. I told her to close her eyes and go back to sleep (which she tried), but that didn’t work.

Then at 5:35 S2 came to my bedroom. I sent her back to her room to sleep.

Let’s just say that none of us got any more sleep after that.

Oh well, they are eating breakfast right now and seem happy, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

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