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January 24th 2010
Just another Sunday

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Two different play dates – one at our house in the morning, and an invitation to a ‘half-birthday party’ in the afternoon. The second one deserves some additional explanation. A friend of theirs, single child, has parents who really like throwing parties for their daughter. And for the longest time they have done “drop off parties”, so they invite a dozen or more kids and tell the parents to just leave them there and come back two to three hours later. This was extremely unusual when they all were four, and even now in the five-year-old crowd this is still by far the exception. And any excuse will do for a party, even the five-and-a-halfth birthday…

The girls were understandably wound up with all this activity, but the evening went relatively well. We played for quite a while, then had dinner, and then they watched their Papa watch the end of the NFC Championship Game. I was getting a wee bit tense and excited and K2 decided to take over bed time from me. What a great wife I have.

Last night went fairly well. S2 woke up way too early and turned on the light in her room at 5:11am. I went to her room and told her this was just too early. She asked me to stay and snuggle her (which I considered a reasonable request) and that way she stayed in bed till after 6am. And so did her sister in the other room. So I’ll mark this one down as “mostly successful”.

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January 23rd 2010
Success story

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While I realize that this is just one night, I’m thrilled to report that we had some success.

The girls slept through the night. S2 apparently woke up around 5:40, closed the door to her room and played quietly (all we heard was the closing of the door). H2 woke up at 6:23 and came to our bedroom. And then she and I went to S2 (who was still in Nico’s room) and all three of us went downstairs.

Now let’s see if this was a one time event or starting of a new pattern.

Whichever it is, it was a nice…

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January 22nd 2010
Just what we needed

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Of course, just as we are trying to get the girls settled into a new routine, the weirdest things are happening. Last nights entry in the “you have got to be kidding” category? Apparently while playing the girls managed to turn on the alarm on their projection clock (in the girls room we have a clock that projects the time onto the ceiling – really nice). And so at midnight, which for some bizarre reason is the default alarm time of the vast majority of digital clocks that I know… come on, guys – when designing a digital clock… isn’t that stupid? Make 12 noon the default alarm time – not midnight… Anyway, at midnight, the alarm is H2’s room went off. And I was so punch drunk (having gone to bed maybe half an hour earlier and in the middle of the deepest sleep) that instead of turning it off I just “snoozed” it – so it went off a second time ten minutes later. At which point H2 was of course wide awake.

K2 sent me back to bed and stayed with H2 in her room. Eventually she went back to bed and slept till morning – just like her sister did, which showed up in the parents’ bedroom at 6:01am. And as much as she and I tried to be quiet when going downstairs, H2 of course woke up as well and joined us.

When I went back upstairs to check on my wife she sounded… not so good. So I told her to stay in bed and got the girls ready for school and dropped them off there – which gave K2 a chance to catch up on some of the rest she missed last night.

So I think we may be making progress (given that both slept till 6am) – but I’m not 100% certain.

Let’s hope for a less eventful night tonight.

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January 21st 2010
It’s getting even more complicated

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Here I thought we had given up on separate sleeping arrangements. Guess I was wrong.

This morning, S2 requested to sleep in Nico’s room tonight. And at bed time she still remembered that request. I’ll admit that I was skeptical. H2 was… upset. She argued with her sister. But S2 wasn’t swayed.

So I talked to H2 about sleeping in the girls’ room with her favorite stuffies. She conceded – but I’m not sure how this will work out over night.

So now S2 is sound asleep in the other bedroom in the regular bed. H2 is asleep as well – in what is normally S2’s bed in the girls’ room. I stayed with her and snuggled her till she was asleep. Both girls promised to stay asleep and not leave their rooms until 6:00.

In other news, the girls are doing very well in Tae-Kwon-Do. They’ll get their next belt (white with a green stripe) next week and the masters at their Tae-Kwon-Do school told us that they are way ahead of their peers and are progressing unusually fast. The scariest comment (to me) was that if they continue at this pace they could reach the the first Dan (their first black belt) by the time they are eight or nine. Oops.

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