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July 16th 2012
Treasure trove

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Last night K2 showed me old videos she took of the girls at their first real belt test in Tae Kwon Do, more than two years ago. And that reminded me. I still had all the videos we had taken during the adoption trip and right after. And in our sleep deprived state never got to really doing much with them. So I spent the day today waiting for the import of one of those miniDVs after the other. They are rather low resolution (960×540) and some of them are of dreadful quality, but they add quite significantly to the earliest records that we have of the girls – I took way too few pictures in the first few days…

Anyway, without any further ado, here’s the first glimpse we ever had of the girls. More to come in the next few days.

First glimpse - don't know who is who

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December 24th 2010
Just a few Weihnacht’s pictures

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starting to unpackAs I mentioned, tonight we unpacked the gifts in our Christmas stockings – celebrating Weihnachten with gifts on Christmas Eve.

The girls were all over it – and luckily they are still at the stage where you don’t get fake happiness but get the honest feedback. Some gifts were absolute hits (like the little light up snow globes), other not so much (like the German chocolate).

Overall I think they were thrilled. It took them a long time to settle down and fall asleep – almost an hour longer than normal, that’s how excited they were.

ready for SantaAnd of course they still believe in Santa, so we got the provisions ready for him and the reindeer. You can also see a gift that H2 made and the letter that I just blogged about.

Before we go to bed we’ll need to drink the milk, eat some of the cookies and carrots and make sure that Santa has visibly been here (besides the gifts, I mean).

Reindeer and star-y treeAs usual, K2 had a lot of cool little things for me. I don’t know if I like the fish-eye and macro lenses for my cell phone better, or the new airport scenery for X-Plane, or the hand made socks or the BokehMaster kit for my DSLR.

What’s that, you ask?

Well look to the right. You’ll notice that the out of focus lights on our Christmas tree behind the chocolate reindeer aren’t the usual shape… they are stars. The BokehMaster kit allows you to create all kinds of bokeh shapes. Hearts and smileys and ok signs and all kinds of things.

Lots for me to play with.

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December 21st 2010
Visiting Santa

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Since it worked so well last year we once again went to visit Santa at dinner time. Really short line, a somewhat tired but nice Santa and kids that were a bit challenging before we left the house but then had a good time.

taking a break waiting in linepatience is a virtueon Santa's lap

What was really interesting was that our normally bold and outspoken S2 was tongue-tied and that shy and often stuttering H2 told Santa quite clearly what she and her sister wanted for Christmas.

You go girl.

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November 6th 2010
Birthday party

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While it was ok to miss their birthday (they didn’t really seem upset when we were on the phone and K2 confirmed that they weren’t distraught about it all day), I don’t think I could have gotten away with missing today. The PARTY clearly was more important than the exact date. Wise kids. We went back to Pump it Up, just like last year.

We got an interesting group together – about half of them from the new school, half of them from the old school (and a couple kids from friends thrown in for good measure). Which resulted in a good mixture of both kids and parents who knew each other, and those who didn’t. And it got us lots of puzzled faces as half of the group sang “Zum Geburtstag viel Glück” (after all of us had already sung “Happy Birthday To You”).

H2 having funS2 - clearly having fun

The girls were excited to have so many of their friends around – and as far as we could tell everyone had a good time. I picked a random subset of the 160 pictures I took – I tried to get pictures that showed the fun that people had… plus a few related ones – S2 helping a baby to learn to walk, H2 needing a pause snuggling Mama, the thrown with the gifts around it, the cakes (I bet you can guess which one goes with which girl) and a group picture.

having funboys will be boyslearning to walkhaving funhaving funhaving funhaving funhaving funhaving funtaking a breakhaving funthe thrown

group photobirthday cakes

H2 playing with her snap on braceletGreg is providing additional entertainmentThe bouncing wasn’t the only entertainment. There was also Greg, one of their favorite people in the world. So S2 of course had to get some play time with him as well. And of course there were the quieter moments for H2. All the noise and excitement often is too much for her. So after she rested a bit on K2’s shoulder, for a short while she played for herself. And then she asked me to take a picture of her with her snap on bracelet in her mouth. I of course happily obliged.

The final two pictures have stories. First, the piles of gifts the girls took home. OMG. That’s a lot of stuff – we’ll have to hand them out one by one over the next few weeks; with the exception of the huge panda and the pink horse. Those the girls already got in the car on the way home. They were that excited.

The other picture is about something the girls had said (and we had repeated here and to friends): when asked what they wanted for their birthday, two of the answers had been “a piece of candy” and “maybe a taste of honey?”. And so Melissa got them just that (in addition to a “real” gift, of course). Honey candy. Awesome.

a glimpse at the giftsa piece of candy and a taste of honey

And yes, I realize that I’m overcompensating for the lack of pictures lately… so sue me.

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