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June 27th 2011
Catching up on pictures

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We went horse riding. We had our parents weekend off. We went to my SIL’s birthday party. We went to Bamberg. We went to the pool. We walked around the neighborhood. And I took pictures here and there. Here’s a selection.

H2 and JRS2 and the other JRStarting off we have the girls with J&J (or JR & JR) riding their horses. They were in heaven.

Bayreuth Pharmacy since 1610Then a pharmacy in the city center of Bayreuth that has been operating in this very building since 1610. We assume that it changed ownership somewhere along the way and that potentially the scientific basics of the potions they hand out may have been update a few times. But other than that, it certainly is a well established business.

I took some more pictures in Bayreuth but with the rotten weather we had not much of that is really worth posting.

Rosegarden in BambergSunday we went to my sister in law’s birthday party and later in the afternoon drove to Bamberg – at which point the weather finally started to improve. K2 was practicing “here’s what we can learn” with the girls while exploring parts of the old town. It was fun. They loved the rose garden and figuring out the name of the different types of roses. And learning about the old buildings and their history (within reason).

They also loved the ice cream and the bratwurst they got to sample…

We had one of our occasional “we don’t quite fit in here” moments in Bamberg when to older local ladies were very charmed by our children and quite openly puzzled that these were our children. But they refrained from saying anything more than that, so we all just smiled and moved on.

Kloster Michelsbergklein VenedigWe didn’t quite make it to Kloster Michelsberg and instead headed down the hill again towards little Venice. It was just lovely.

The girls took pictures of me and their sister. Once again H2 showed a somewhat better eye for a pleasing composition (they were each telling me and their sister where to stand, how to look, etc).

S2 and Papa (by H2)H2 and Papa (by S2)

Waiting for food is boring. But they are willing to make an effort if Papa takes pictures.

waiting is boringbut we can look happy for a picture

H2 out in frontholding hands

No pictures from the pool this morning, but two more adorable ones from this evening.

H2 was grumpy with me for not allowing her to hold Bolle’s leash. And so she stomped off to be alone. S2 was not happy. Not happy at all. She wanted to be with her sister. And it didn’t take long for them to hold hands again (which they did for the rest of the 45 minute walk).

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June 24th 2011
Best day, ever

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I’m pretty sure that’s how H2 would describe yesterday.

She and her sister slept well and seem mostly over their jet lag (which means they are doing better than their Mama). Then after breakfast we went to see our friends J&J&F who literally returned from a vacation in Turkey 8 hours earlier. After a quick lunch we went horse riding, with J&J were leading the ponies that H2 and S2 were riding on. They loved it. Loved it, loved it, loved it.

And as if things couldn’t get any better than this – from there we went to a big water adventure park where they got to swim and play for almost four hours – again mostly ignoring their parents and having fun with J&J.

Things were just perfect for our girls.

Nico’s day wasn’t quite as good. He (like me) isn’t a big fan of horses, so he and I hung back during the horse riding section of the day. And then at the pool Nico managed to split his forehead and hurt his nose in an ill-advised head-first jump into the water. We got him some first aid and he didn’t seem to need stitches, but I’m certain he didn’t file the day on his personal “ten best days, ever”, list. Or “1000 best days”, for that matter.

I took some pictures but haven’t quite managed to process them, yet. We got home really late yesterday and thanks to my amazing sister (and her family and Oma) this morning K2’s and my PWO started. “Parents Weekend Off”!

We are in Bayreuth, the girls are with H1 and family and I am sure having an awesome time (their only questions about the whole affair were “when are you leaving?” and “is Oma coming?”).

Thank you, H1. Things are great in Bayreuth.

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June 21st 2011

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I stand corrected. There was some sunshine today. There always was a bunch of rain, but still, the weather was better than feared.

In the morning we tried to go to a farm that has a petting zoo, but the petting zoo is only open on weekends. Still, the girls got to be outside and look at animals. Which was fun.

Ben is taking chargeWeinbergschnecke

Maybe the most fascinating animal they saw was not part of the petting zoo. It was a Weinbergschnecke sitting at the side of the road…

Afterwards we went to a playground (it started to rain, we refused to flee so the rain gave up) and the girls and Ben had a blast. I have a video of them playing on a zip-line there… but haven’t processed that, yet.

H1 made delicious lunch and we were just about to leave to go to Nürnberg on the train when we changed our mind and instead hung around the house to play outside with the cousins. Then at 3pm H2 suddenly cuddled up on K2’s lap and went to sleep. Uh-ohh. We woke her up after an hour and dragged them back outside. The picture below captures their excitement. Even riding on Papa’s shoulders wasn’t enough to make up for it…

do we have to be outside?H2 taking a ride

It was a tough hike out over the fields, up a hill. H2 was crying and really desperate to go back to sleep. I felt so bad for her but that would be the worst thing to do – so we kept going.

And then we arrived at the horses – and within minutes all tiredness was forgotten. H2 loves horses. She so wants to ride a horse while she’s here, she wants to become a “horse care taker” when she is older and overall is just fascinated with horses.

So stopping there and petting the horses was awesome.

petting horseshealthy amount of respect

H2 is still careful and I got this awesome picture when she got startled by a movement by their favorite pony – but she got right back and continue petting him, anyway.

the favorite ponyBen - the favorite person in the world

Back home we had dinner, the girls got a desperately needed bath and then we wanted to steer them towards bedtime. Suddenly the girls disappeared and we didn’t hear from them. Some searching (quiet – rarely a good sign) brought us into their bed room, where their favorite person for the day was reading to them from one of their new books. Awesome, Benny.

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June 20th 2011
Home away from home

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Yesterday we arrived in Germany, enjoying a rather nice late fall day, gray skies, cool temperatures, lots of rain. Today the local newspaper headlines that allegedly it’s the first day of summer. They clearly must be mistaken.

But ignoring the weather (which is hard for someone who lives in Portland, it’s our favorite topic of conversation year round) I’ll have to say that we are thrilled to be back in our home away from home. This is the place we have spent the second most time together as a family (after our own house). And coming here is always like coming home.

The girls love to see their cousins (and at least one of them returns the feeling – Nico is more of a teenager these days and seems a little less thrilled than last year). And K2 and I really enjoy hanging out with H1 and Marcus.

The flight was rough with very little (or no) sleep for the adults and a lot less than needed sleep for the girls. Considering that our first day was really good – the girls went to bed at about their normal time, were wide awake at 1am but went back to sleep after a little more than an hour and then woke up for good at 5:30. I think that’s our best first night in Germany, ever!

Not sure what our plans are for today – I doubt they will involve anything summery like going to a lake or too many other outdoor activities, but I’m sure we’ll figure something out.

And tomorrow we’ll visit Oma – the girls can’t wait.

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