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November 23rd 2010
Sometimes things break

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Especially if you use them a lot. And no, I’m not talking about the children’s toys, I’m talking about one of mine. I bought my Forerunner 305 more than three and a half years ago. I ran about 2500 miles with, more than 400 hours of use. And last week in Dublin it turns out it died. At first I just thought I had forgotten to turn it off – but apparently what happened is that the battery died. It still turns on when connected to its charging station. And it claims to be fully charged. But the moment you remove it it immediately turns off.

Forerunner310xtSo today I went and bought (on sale) its successor, the Forerunner 310XT. It has a few very nice improvements. It’s waterproof – so hopefully its speaker won’t be corroded by my sweat (on the 305 the beeps had gotten very faint over time). It has vibration alerts in addition to beeps. It has a much faster satellite detection (if used at similar spot within three days of the last use – that seemed like such an obvious improvement). It has twice the battery life. It has a better display. It does heart rate based calorie calculation – instead of the somewhat simplistic distance based one the 305 does. Etc.

I haven’t actually gone running with it, yet (I have a slight cold and didn’t want to push it today). But I think I’ll like it.

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